REALTOR® Agent Sponsorship

Start keeping more of your own money with our Agent Broker Sponsorship Plan. Simply pay $150 per month and receive 100% of all your commissions... Simple Right! We sponsor and support agents throughout the State of Texas - Austin - DFW - Houston - San Antonio

  • Unlimited Transactions
  • E & O Insurance Included
  • Commission Paid at Closing
  • No Commission Splits
  • No Annual Fees
  • No Desk Fees
  • No Rental Fees
  • No Hidden Fees

LLC - Limited Liability Company

With this option you build and grow your own real estate company and hire other agents to work for your firm. It's really is quite simple... you form a company owned solely by you, an Limited Liability Company (LLC) that offers you personal asset protection, I then will sponsor this registered entity under my personal Texas Real Estate Brokers License becoming your company's Broker of Record. For this service we have a charge of $295. per month and only $50. per additional licensed agent.

Here is an opportunity for you to build and grow your own real estate company to recruit other Realtors and set commission splits. You keep 100 percent to what your company earns, never pay endless fees again. No more waiting to be paid, it is your company you control the CDA's and bank accounts.

Teams & Groups

We sponsor both Teams and Groups with the same care as our sponsored agents, but at a reduced cost - first team member is $150. per month and $125. for each additional member. Recruit other agents and negotiate their commission split... 100% commission, unlimited transaction, E&O insurance included with no hidden fees.

Please have a look at what we have to offer and the benefits of building your own business and branding your own Team.

All our agent receives a Free Skyslope account!

We have been a sponsoring brokerage in the Austin, Dallas Houston and San Antonio area since 2007 we would like to be your next and last Broker Of Record. If you are a licensed Sales Agent or Broker Associate with the Texas Real Estate Commission we would like you to have a look around at what we have have to offer, if you like what you see please contact us. *Pricing is subject to change without notice