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This Firm and their Broker Peter Jude DiBenedetto have been sponsoring agents since 2007 throughout the state of Texas. Peter is a transplant from Massachusetts by way of the U.S. Military and has lived in the San Antonio area for over 20 years. He holds Real Estate Broker Licenses in both Florida and Texas.

We believe that as the real estate industry moves forward, so too will be the way brokerages and it's agents conduct business with each other. You see it now, long are the days where you hung your license at a brokers office, take a seat and wait for the clients to walk through the door, it just doesn't work that way anymore and hasn't for years. We seen this more then a decade ago and made changes to our business model back then to reflex this. Our simple business model was and is to let the agents keep the income that through their efforts was created.

Have a look around the website and see what we have to offer, we believe you will see the benefit of working with us and keeping more of your own money.

- Realty United, LLC

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